- Katarina Hoeger

General Info

The Postal Scores series is a set of post cards that are also event scores. Each interaction with a postcard in the set becomes part of a performance.

Have You Received a Postal Score Set or Postcard?

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Each of the 20 cards in a set of Postal Scores sets up different scenarios. A card’s sender, a card’s recipient, or a combination of the two can carry out the scenario. Participating creates a shared experience transcending the physical distance between the participants.

Participants have the opportunity to reflect on how these actions enhance their postal relationship. How do the actions affect a sender’s mindset? How do the actions affect a recipient’s mindset or experience? What might change for an onlooker? This set of Postal Scores postcards is about the postal experience shared by the users, not just about the text, the fact that someone is thinking of you, or an image.